Friday, June 21, 2013

Training My Replacement

I haven't written much lately.

A big reason for that is that I am a bundle of nerves waiting for the Supreme Court to rule on the so-called Defense of Marriage Act. Their ruling on DOMA and Prop 8 is due this month.

I now know that the Supreme Court issues opinions on Mondays and sometimes Thursdays, at 10 am eastern (5 pm here). I also know that SCOTUSblog has a live chat when they are releasing opinions that is run by their law clerks. AND, I now know that watching that chat ticker gives me heart palpiations. One of the Facebook groups I follow has started using the hashtags #tiredofwaiting and #mightvomit.

Yeah, that.

So as a respite from that, since there won't be any rulings over the weekend, I thought I would tell you about today at work.

It was Take Your Child (And Pet) to work day. Lots of the embassy parents brought in their kids, and at least five of us, including the Ambassador, brought in our dogs. Sorry cat one brought in kitties.

For PA's part, we did interviews with the kids, asking them things like what they liked about Tallinn. We are going to hopefully have some footage to use for a post video project we are going to have our two summer interns working on together with the CLO.

The CLO also told people to take pictures of their pets at work for a photo contest, and I am totally going to win (and not just because I have the cutest dog on the planet).

Extra bonus: She can now serve as embassy spokesperson in case I need to go on vacation!

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Anonymous said...

She looks very much at home up there. :) Perhaps she'll also be able to help with visiting doglegations of dognitaries!