Monday, March 04, 2013

Late Arrivals

I could have sworn I blogged (bitched) about this last year, but I can't find the post. I know I talked about it on Facebook. But you are not all friends on Facebook, because this blog is anonymous (cough cough).

Last year, around February, a bunch of our mail was sent to Moscow. And the contractor who accidentally took it there, LEFT IT THERE.

And then it was lost. No one could find it anywhere.

And the post office responded that we should consider ourselves lucky to get mail at all.

Thank you for your service, right?

So anyway, some of it finally arrived. Today. ONE YEAR later.

On the bright side, our mail guy is awesome and awesomely hysterical. So I just had to share the email we got about it:

Subject: Mail Update - From Russia with Love, Epilogue

To All,

Regarding my earlier email regarding the missing mail from last spring, about 2/3 of it has now been sorted and is waiting in your mailboxes in the DPO. All in all, about five cubic feet of flat mail and small packages destined for Embassy Tallinn were returned to the USPS from Russia.

The receipt of some of these items may be bittersweet and the timing of their return is perfect for creating misunderstandings. As most of this mail went missing in March of 2012, please scrutinize your mail closely and check the mailing dates.

As you look through your mail over the next few days, here are a few things to keep in mind:

•  That thoughtful birthday card may have been for your LAST birthday
•  You’ve already seen that NetFlix movie
•  The great 2 for 1 sale at Pottery Barn has long since ended
•  This new credit card is the one you replaced already
•  Your “new” TSP pin probably isn’t
•  That rebate check is expired
•  The Special Double Oscar Edition of People Magazine is from the previous year, no one cared about J. Lo’s dress this year.

And finally as for that “final notice” and those “urgent: medical test results,” well… I hope they all worked out... least the movies were good and the card was a nice thought...

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