Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Missing America

A friend at work today said that R&R is a cruel mistress.

Boy, is she right.

You know I love Estonia. I mean really love Estonia. I have written post upon post about how awesome it is here. If we are Facebook friends, you have seen me post even more about what a great place this is to live and serve.

And it is.

But still...

I miss America. And I miss it worse now having gotten to spend the past three weeks there.

The biggest thing I miss right now is the sun and the weather that my home in South Carolina is experiencing. Seriously y'all, it hit 83 while I was there. Meanwhile, Estonia is having a warm streak with temps in the 20s. Everything is all icy here, especially the sidewalks, since they tend not to use salt. That is why so many people break things in the winter. My wife said instead of calling it E-stonia, we should call it Icy-stonia.

And I miss my family. I got to see lots of family while I was home...their lives go on without me and it makes me sad to think of all I am missing. 

There aren't a lot of foods I am missing, but there are a few. Like good sushi (many thanks to my "new" uncle and aunt for introducing me to Wasabi in Charleston...even my wife admitted how good the sushi was there!). And good Mexican. And Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch ice cream (they have Ben & Jerry's here, but not that flavor).

I miss something else too...American washers and dryers. They are so BIG! Yes, I know they tell me the ones in Europe are more energy efficient. But I think the efficiency is a wash (pun intended) if you have to do five loads instead of one. 

But I will stop kvetching. Because life here is pretty good. Cold, but good. And I can already detect the lengthening of the days. 

Even if the sun isn't in them, because it, unlike me, is still vacationing on Folly Beach.

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