Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Alec Ross: Rumored New Rules "not even close"

So apparently the concerns are less dire.

According to Alec Ross's (Senior Advisor for Innovation for Secretary Clinton) twitter account: @AlecJRoss:
"@Diplopundit @emilcDC @thenewdiplomats @tomistweeting My team involved in drafting/approving. Not even close to what has been blogged."

And this: @AlecJRoss: "@NinaJTweets - not going to happen as blogged. It's 30 days NOW. 2 days would be MAX and that wouldn't be tested. 30 days to 2 days = faster"

And a commenter on my previous post says blanket clearance will be given to those who are using social media in an official capacity.

Still don't know why they would want to clear on a post about my Christmas tree.

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Micromanagement and control freak-ism.