Sunday, September 09, 2012

You've Heard That Before

I always hate using the excuse that I have been too busy to write.

But I am using it this week, because it has the unfortunate aspect of also being true.

For the last two weeks, actually, we have been full tilt preparing for the arrival of our new Ambassador. AND two concerts. AND an important speaker visit. AND several important military visits.

AND I had to do an EER for my APAO because I would really like to see her get tenure. (Fingers crossed everyone. She deserves it, as does my former APAO, who is also up this time. Of course, if they both get it, we will all talk about my awesome EER writing skills...for other people!).

The EER is done now. The concerts are half done. And the Ambassador's arrival would have happened except...

Lufthansa decided to strike Friday. So instead, he is supposed to arrive today. Fingers crossed for that too.

I'll try to do better...I will even try to tell you about our speakers after they have spoken.

And I will try not to forget to welcome the new A-100 class tomorrow! (Does this count as a welcome if I forget?).

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