Sunday, July 15, 2012


I'm on vacation.

I am also still at home.

It is kind of hard to think about leaving Estonia when it is such an awesome place and the weather here is pretty darned pleasant (okay, it is raining at the moment, but the temps are still in the 60s in July...I would have all my windows open if I didn't think the Village Idi-cat would plunge to his death!).

Last night, we went on a harbor cruise on this cool old sailing ship. It is a schooner, basically the size of the boats Columbus took when he "discovered" America. I don't know how you spend months on a boat that size!

This vessel was built in Norway in 1939 and served in World War II. The Germans thought it was just run by drunk Norwegian fisherman, so they were never caught while carrying their cargo. Pretty cool.

And the weather last night was lovely, perfect for being out on the water.

After the cruise, we went with friends to Kochi Ait, a restaurant on the port none of us had gone to before. In fact, we only went there because the first place we saw had closed its kitchen for the night. The food was excellent...M and I just had snacks since we had eaten before the boat trip, but they were tasty and we will definitely be back.

Nice way to start our vacation.

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