Thursday, September 24, 2009

Russian Smear Campaign

This is another example of the indignities we face to serve our country.

US Protests Russian 'Sex Tape' Used to Smear American Diplomat

I don't know Kyle, but I do know people who have worked with him. He was described to me as efficient, dependable, hardworking and nice. And very good at his job as the human-rights officer in Moscow. So it doesn't surprise me that he was targetted by them. The Russians are very good at what they do.

All of us have stories of being followed, of having our apartments bugged or searched. Some have stories of attempts to be blackmailed. Most never make the media. The difference here is that Kyle was followed BEFORE he was a diplomat. And when he refused to be blackmailed because the tape was fake, the Russians put in on the internet. To try to ruin his life.

This is he reward for doing a good job serving his country.

I am glad we are standing behind him. It would be painful to be in his place, and we all know how easy it would be to be in his place if we served in the wrong place at the right time, even if, as Ambassador Beyrle said of Kyle, we had done absolutely nothing wrong.

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