Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yet Another Small Victory for MOHs

This past week, I told you about Members of Household (MOHs) being allowed to take some limited training, including some language training. Now, they are also allowed to assist their partners if that partner is med-evaced from a unaccompanied post.

In English, that means IF a Foreign Service Officer or Specialist is serving at a post where family members are not allowed to join them (unaccompanied post) and gets injured or ill and has to be evacuated to better medical facilities; and IF that officer or specialist requires the assistance of a family member; and IF the same-sex partner has a medical or durable power of attorney for the officer or specialist (Eligible Family Members, such as opposite sex spouses do not need to meet this last criteria because they get the right to make medical decisions by virtue of their marriage...just one of those more than 1200 rights married people get that same-sex spouses don't, but I digress...), THEN the Department will fly that person out to whereever the officer or specialist was evacuated to in order to assist that person in getting their medical needs met.

It is a small step, and a humane one. Infuriating that it has to be so spelled out, but at least it is a move in the right direction.

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