Friday, May 30, 2008

The Dreaded Email

"You have cordially been invited/recruited to serve in Iraq." Or something to that effect. M got hers this morning.

Not sure yet what our plans are. Like most spouses I imagine, I would rather it had been me.


hannah said...

Even if you were sort of expecting it, I'm still very sorry to hear this - I know it won't be easy for either of you. Be strong.

Anonymous said...

Oh I am sorry. I turned in my resignation a few weeks ago stating that my reasons for leaving were 1) lack of support for my same gender partner and 2) Iraq and the subsequent unequal support for my same gender partner. This on the heels of fast promotions and a series of Superior Honor awards - the most recent yesterday, after my resignation. Best wishes to you both as you cope with the changes. M

Jill said...

I'm so sorry...?? I hope that things turn out the way they should for your family.