Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Turkey Day/Busk/Green Corn!

Since I had to work last night and tonight, M went to see her folks for the day without me. So I had a great lunch with a good friend from Jerusalem and some friends she served with in Manilla. Among them were three of the Marines she served with, and it was really great to sit and chat with them. It reminded me of the good times I had with the Marines in Jerusalem and what great guys they were.

It made me thankful for the job I have and the comraderie you develop with other Foreign Service people. I had only met two of my friend's guests briefly once before, and yet we could all sit around and share stories of our service. You make such great friends in the service, and even the folks you don't know either have a friend in common with you or have been to a place you have been. The Foreign Service is a small world, and one I am thankful and proud to be a part of.

I am also thankful for having a wonderful partner, a wonderful home and family that loves me. I am thankful we all, including the pets, are in good health. I am thankful to be back in the states for a while, and thankful I am an American, and one fortunate enough to get to serve this great country.

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