Friday, September 02, 2011

Repeating Myself

Did I mention I am loving my job?

Yesterday, I got to help with some interview prep, sit in on the interview, and then attend the opening on an LGBT center. Then I went to dinner with a big group of new friends at the Embassy to an AWESOME place in the Old City called Ribe that I had never been to. Let me just say, the word(s) of the day is smoked cheese soup!


On those really long, cold day, I know just where I am going and just what I am eating.

Life is good.


Dave said...

These are the things I like to hear (I love my job! or This job is the greatest job in the world!), as I am about to join your ranks. You've had me listed as a "Future FSO" on your blogroll for some months now; time to update! I received an offer on 8/1/11 and depart the Twin Cities on Wednesday this week, starting A-100 on Monday 9/12/11. Hope we can run into one another some time!
Dave Panetti

Digger said...

Congrats Dave! I just added the Sept A100 tag to your link, and I'll move you to the FS blogroll on the 12th! Good luck...hope you enjoy A100 and have an awesome first assignment!