Friday, September 23, 2011

Out of Office

Yesterday, my section and I travelled out to Vihula for a section offsite.

Vihula Manor is a 16th century manor house that has been turned into a spa and lodge about an hour outside of town.

It is a very relaxing place...definitely need to go back there with M when she gets here...because seriously, even going to the potty was zen.

I admit when we first started talking about an offsite, I wasn't entirely convinced of the need. But you can officially consider me sold.

We didn't do any of those silly ice-breaker exercizes or anything like this. This is a team that has been together for years and they are awesome together. I am the only newbie.

So instead, we had dinner together. We talked. We planned. We discussed. And all away from the office, where every meeting is interrupted. Every. Meeting.

So what I came away from the offsite with an increased respect for my team. They are every bit as awesome as I thought. We came up with some ideas for some new directions too. So I am pleased. I hope they are too.

And an added bonus? Noostie got to come. Even to our dinner at the restaurant (she even got to see some sheep, but was less enthusiastic about the horses!).

I love this country! And my job. And my team.

I am a very lucky person.

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