Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Didn't Forget...Welcome to the 163rd!

I just had the date wrong.

So....Welcome to the 163rd A-100!

Apparently they started on the 12th...could have sworn it was the 19th. That is what I get for being people gotta help keep me informed!

So I week late, I want to welcome the following bloggers and move them to the FS blogroll:

Aloha FSO

If I'm lost, it's only for a little while

Moments and Musings

Next year In Jerusalem

Rhubard and Rhetoric

Let me know if I missed anyone.

Welcome to the Service!


Dave said...

Don't forget me!! I'm also in the 163rd...

Actually I sent you a note some time ago via this blog, but my computer is about as old as me, so it probably didn't go through. I'm at Next Year in Jerusalem!, and I'm really as excited to move from the "Future FSOs" blogroll to the real one as I am to actually be an FSO!

Dave said...

Ok, now I see it's there. My brain must be mush after week 1 of A-100. Sorry for the mix up!

Digger said...

You aren't going nuts...I had forgotten to mark yours as Sept A-100 so I published without you. Then I immediately went through the future FS links to see if I missed anyone and caught that I missed it. So you must have looked while I was still working on the post!

Tracy said...

I'm also in the 163rd and a blogger (though I haven't decided if I'll continue blogging or not).

Digger said...

Sorry to have left you off Tracy. I just fixed that, and I hope you keep blogging!

Rebecca said...

I'm also in the 163rd and blogging, at