Thursday, September 15, 2011

Careful what You Ask For

I said I wanted to be busy, right?

Holy cow!

Some days I worry, with the recent uptick in concern about blogs going dark, that you will wonder whether or not I have as well.

I haven't. I am fortunate to work in an embassy and for an Ambassador who is very media saavy and in fact has his own blog.

But I have been so swamped it has been hard to find a moment to write.

But let me start off with this. For you Junior Officers who are PD coned and have not yet done a PD tour and are wondering if you made the right career choice...

Don't give up!

You will get to do the good stuff. And it IS the good stuff.

You WILL get to do interesting, meaningful work in interesting, meaningful places. This is why you joined.

This week, I have been interviewing candidates for Humphrey Fellowships. Another group of really smart, impressive candidates. I wish I could send them all. Yesterday, I spoke with some of our grant recepients about their programs and then last night I went to a Nature Film festival in Lihula, a small town celebrating their 800th year of existence this year!

This morning I helped with a video of the Ambassador and this afternoon, I will attend a speech he is giving that our section organized.

This weekend...I plan to sleep!

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jgoshert said...

Yeah!!! As a first-tour PD-coned person in a consular job going on to another consular job, I must say your blog always makes me so excited for the future. So keep letting us know what's going on, we appreciate it!