Wednesday, December 08, 2010

You Have to Go Now

I am not a morning person.

Even so, our first hour of class is my favorite. I like talking about issues and such in Estonian. I think it is fun.

Go ahead and insert your insult of choice. Yeah, I have a perverted idea of fun. Yes, I am a nerd. Have you looked around at the other Foreign Service Officers? These are my people.

So I was surprised when there was a knock on our classroom door.

I sit closest to the door, so I opened it. I expected it to be our LTS...she is the only one who ever interrupts us, and even she very rarely does it.

But it was not her. It was a man wearing a red hat.

No, it wasn't Santa (I'm disappointed too).

He said, "You have to go now."

I said, "Why?"

No, I don't have a problem with authority. Why do you ask?

He said, "You must leave."

It was then that my more observant classmate noticed the fire alarm was going off...though not in our hallway.

So I look back at the red-hatted guy, and notice his hat says "warden." Well that would have helped to know. "Is this a drill or a real fire?" 'Cause I'll lug my books if the fire is real, but I only want my coat if it is just a drill.

"You have to go!" And he runs away to the next classroom.

This is the part where I tell you I am going to die in Estonia. Because it was frickin' COLD outside today ( least it wasn't raining)! Even our teacher went to get her coat.

We all stood around in the courtyard waiting to get the signal to go back in. At one point, they yelled at us to be at least 50 ft from the building. How far is 50 ft? And is 50 ft from F Building too close to the cafeteria?

We never did find our teacher...turns our she went out the back of the building after going upstairs for her coat...she said she needed her coat since she didn't have her swimsuit.

Yep, I'm gonna freeze to death in Estonia.


Diplogeek said...

We actually looked out our classroom door, shrugged, said, "Well, I don't see anyone else leaving," and started to go back to reviewing vocabulary. It wasn't until we heard people in the hallway evacuating that we decided we should probably leave. It probably would have been ironically appropriate for the lot of us to die studying Chinese, though.

And I was thinking the same thing about the whole courtyard scenario! Okay, so we're back fifty feet from the one building, but now we're right next to the cafeteria. Hope the burger grill didn't catch fire!

Liz said...

Best sign that I failed the fire drill- falling to my knees twice in the mud outside F building.

On the brightside, I never once spilled my oatmeal.