Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Not under, IN

So I got back to class today. Luckily, my day off didn't make me too rusty...though I worry what the holidays will do!

Because I was in South Carolina and didn't manage to hear much in the way of non-local news, I didn't have much to write about for my daily news assignment. So I just wrote about my trip, trying to use the from and to cases we have been practicing. You know...I drove from the party to the house. Those directions are indicated by word endings (ah, cases...).

I capped it off by saying we came home to discover the cat had been sleeping IN the tree.

My classmate said, did you mean UNDER the tree?

No, not under, IN the tree.

My teacher asked, did you mean ON TOP OF the tree?

No, no, I meant IN.

The cat slept IN the tree. The bottom branches are a bit lower than when we left.

Bets on how long the tree remains vertical?


sclawgrl said...

I'm in Florida now, but I'm heading to South Carolina on Sunday to visit with friends and family for the holiday. Hope you had a good time....T

Donna said...

So thanks to the cat, you can now say you know all of your prepositions. If I were you, I'd start working on past tense verbs, like "fell down," "knocked over," "shattered," "destroyed" ... those kinds of verbs might come in handy soon, I'm guessing.