Monday, July 12, 2010

Ready to Go!

Class was a bit less, shall we say, inspiring today.

We did have one segment on fundraising today that was much better than I could have hoped. The speaker was engaging and informed, and her presentation was not death by power point. I felt like I got a lot of useful information out of a section I expected to be painful (because let's face it, if asking for money was my talent, I could make a lot more than I do by going into sales!).

But the other sessions...not so much. One felt like an hour and a half on using netflix (even though I like the idea of using movies for programming) and the other did feel a bit like death by power point.

But one good thing did happen today. I got to meet one of the FSNs from my future post.

She is in town for training, and we had lunch together. I enjoyed talking to her, and I am more excited than ever to get to post. More excited than ever to get to meet new people from new places. More convinced than ever that this job is going to be a lot of fun!

One of my friends, who is currently posted to my future post (but sadly won't be there when I get there next August) said "this place is paradise." He said if he was told today that he had to stay there for the rest of his life, his response would be "Thank you! THANK YOU!"

Now that's an endorsement!

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Bfiles said...

how great is that! what are his reasons?