Friday, July 23, 2010

Embassy Guards Killed in Iraq

You might have heard about the rocket attack on the Green Zone in Iraq yesterday.

Just please don't tell me that you stopped being concerned when you heard no Americans were killed.

Three Embassy guards, two from Uganda and one from Peru, were killed in the attack.

They are heros. They served this country and died protecting people who serve this country.

It always upsets me when the media seem to forget that.

The Foreign Service Nationals we serve along side at post are serving America and they are part of the Foreign Service family.

So please remember them, and their families, in your thoughts and prayers.

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TSB said...

Thanks for posting this. The guards in this instance were both non-U.S. citizens and contractors, making them doubly alien to some commentators, unfortunately.

Fifteen others were injured in the same attack, and I understand that some of those were given no more than a 50/50 chance of survival when they were taken into surgery. We owe a debt to them all.

By the way, two rockets were fired at the PRT compound in Basra today, and two others landed in the Baghdad chancery compound earlier in the week.