Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Birthday, America!

For the second year in a row, I have the Fourth of July off.

Believe me, for a Foreign Service Officer, this is a big deal.

Most of my friends overseas will spend today in business suits, eating nasty finger foods, listening to some speeches, and entertaining their foreign contacts.

I don't miss that part.

They will also be given a thousand congratulations on our independence from those same contacts.

I DO miss that part.

So for this Fourth, hats off to all my friends and colleagues working in the service of this great country.

And to you, here is my vow:

If I am ever the Chief of Mission, while I know that we must have a reception on the Fourth, I promise you this.

There will be hamburgers and hot dogs. There will be ice cream. And if we can get it, there will be watermelon.

If we can manage, there will be some fireworks. And you will be able, if at all possible, to come in a little late the next day, so that you can spend some of the Fourth in your shorts and t-shirts, grilling with your family and friends, enjoying the freedoms we have as Americans.

And there will NOT/NOT be egg wrapped salmon as a finger food.


Anonymous said...

I love especially the NOT/NOT at the end.

Anonymous said...

thank you and look forward to serving under your leadership

Connie said...

But if you get watermelon, can we wrap some in prosciutto? Just a little? Not traditional, I know, but so goooood with cold melon on a hot day. Happy 4th! Enjoy your day off! :)

Anonymous said...

At our consulate, we had a county fair fourth, with corn dogs, cotton candy, and carney games. It was quite fun!

Kate said...

While my heart twinges a bit for the FSOs that had to organize it, the Ottawa 4th of July party made the Foodie section of the paper:

Anonymous said...

And for those of us serving in the tropics... any chance you'd give us a pass on wearing suit coats for the evening?

Digger said...

I think business casual is sufficient!

Sara said...

We had a fabulous party this year, held on June 12 to coincide with the U.S./England match (it's cold here on July 4!). Apparel = Sportswear. Activities = Sack races, tug of war, basketball, Double Dutch, football toss, bean bag toss, etc. It was a hoot...definitely the kind of party I wish we could have every year!

Anonymous said...

sounds wonderful! throw in some veggie burgers and I'm there. :)