Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Can Has Mind Meld?

Yesterday was the first of a two-day module in our course on how to handle the budget in our PD section (and how to handle FMOs, Management Officers, DCMs and Ambassadors trying to get their mitts on our PD money for non-PD uses!).

The section is informative and stressful. There is just SO MUCH to remember!

I am comforted though by the knowledge that our presenter is also the budget officer for EUR (the European Affairs office). She is a Foreign Service Officer with about 30 years of experience as a PD officer. She is awesome.

I would like to just mind meld with her. Short of that, I am never ever losing her business card!

And when she said yesterday to be nice to your budget officer, I offered, "We love you, Susan!"

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