Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Keeping Those Links Current

I got an email from a reader alerting me to some bad links on my sidebar. He noted the following problems:

Live, Learn, London (dead)
SuperMario Diplomacy (moved to SuperMarioDiplomacy.com)
Prince Roy's Realm (seems to be down)
Inspired Overseas Living (domain expired)
From an Anthropological Perpective - down

So I have gone in and removed or edited those links.

Now I need a favor.

If you notice any links with issues, please let me know. Some, like Prince Roy's Realm, I had kept because the old content was there. But now that seems to be gone. So if the old content is still there, I'll leave it. But if the blog is completely gone, please give me a head's up so I can keep it current.

And thanks to Miles for letting me know. He also let me know that his specialist class started a blog, FSSFSO.com that you might want to check out.


Daniela Swider said...

The FSSFSO link doesn't seem to work.

Bfiles said...

will let you know! in the meantime here's another Sept A100 member


Miles said...

The link should be


(Right now it's "http://fssfso.com" which is incorrect).

Digger said...

Ah! It was correct on the blogroll, but is now also fixed in the entry.

SLM said...

Hi there! Yes, it is correct. Inspired Overseas Living has gone away. You can delete it. I'll be starting a new blog for cancer patients in its place this fall.

Also, MinnesotaGal is moving to a new site: www.novakistan.com. Please update that! Thank you...


ForeignObsession said...

I just started "blogging" about my FS journey...


Here it is:

Anonymous said...

Diplotette has gone private.