Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Not Exactly the Moment I Was Waiting For

Okay, so this is off topic. But it is on a regular off-topic topic of mine, and besides, I am on my disser-cation, so it is hard to be ON topic. How was training today? I wouldn't know. I'm on disser-cation.

So anyway, the moment I have been waiting for has arrived. I missed the National Equality March back in October because I had made a trip back to SC to see my grandmother. Luckily, my wife did us proud there.

So I knew, when the National Organization for Marriage announced their "One Man, One Woman Summer of Marriage Tour" that they HAD to come to DC. And I would get my chance to show them that they are on the losing side of history. That they are on the side of bigotry and hatred, while we are on the side of love and fairness.

And then Judge Vaugn Walker ruled that Prop 8 in California banning gay marriage was unconstitutional, and I thought this would be some protest indeed.

So now they are coming. They will be here on Sunday at 2pm.

And the local LGBT organizations, under the umbrella of The Big Commit have decided, since the NOM demonstration will be on the West Lawn of the Capitol Building, that the counter-demonstration will be at Freedom Plaza.

Freedom Plaza, in case you didn't know, is not within sight of the West Lawn. Not within site of the Capitol Building at all.

They think the venue isn't important.

I think they are wrong.

I think that our numbers need to be seen next to their numbers. I think THEY need to be seen by US.

This venue will give the impression that we didn't care. That for their big finale, we wen't somewhere else.

So I am disappointed. This is not exactly the moment I was waiting for.


ForeignObsession said...

Yeah that is not good. It is so sad to have so much, I guess you can say, hate. Why can't they focus on other things like saving the whales or something. So much energy spent on hate.

Selim said...

Did you see this article? I think it explains why the organizers may have chosen this site. Take a look: http://www.hrc.org/14655.htm.

Think about it - they make a good point. All it takes is a very small handful of people on our side to get too excited, to do something that's considered "intimidating," and bam - they win the right to stay secret. I understand your frustration, but if the article is true, then I think the powers that be in our community may have made the right call here to play it safe.

Digger said...

I am not sure that I agree Selim. Because this is the final stop in their tour and they have yet to have a single documented case of anyone on the side of equality doing anything illegal. So I think we should be protesting right beside them. I think the contrast of numbers will be stunning.

Connie said...

Definitely update us on how it goes... despite the locale. That is very strange.