Monday, August 23, 2010


So for the past week, I was back in South Carolina. And when I am there, I stay at the house I grew up in, a 100-year old mill house which of course has no internet. I suppose I could have it installed there, but since I am only there once every six months or so, why?

So you didn't hear from me because there was only dialup available. Maybe I will get a Droid so next time I can have my own mobile hot spot.

Anyway, it was a good trip...I got to see family and friends (though not as many of them as I would have liked) and I got some work done on my dissertation (which was, after all, the main point of the trip). Now I just need to write and edit some more. Fingers crossed for me, okay?

I did manage to get a nasty wasp sting while I was there. I usually just get bit by fire ants when I am home, like the need to prove to me that they know who I am and just because I have moved away doesn't mean they won't get me at every opportunity. Evil little creatures.

But wasps usually just do fly-bys without inflicting damage. Who knew when I was cutting down some shrub overgrowth in my yard that I would disturb their nest? I am lucky they only got me in the arm, because they swarmed my head.

And now I have a nasty "non-reaction" on my arm that is about 3 inches wide and itchy.

So that is a long way of explaining why I didn't write this past week...I will likely be largely absent next week as well, since I am finally getting a real vacation.

You may get some pictures of whales.


Sadie said...

Have a great vacation, and I can't wait to see pictures!

Z. Marie said...

I saw a news item since I've been "home" that this year is the worst in history for ants here. And thank goodness you're not really allergic to wasps!

sclawgrl said...

I was all set to be homesick until you started waxing poetic about fire ants and wasps. I don't miss EVERYTHING about South Carolina!