Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Whales!

We finally get to do our first shore excursion today, which also happens to be our wedding anniversary (yay! 8 years!). Today at 2, we will dock in Juneau, Alaska, and we will head out on the Mendenhall Glacier and Wildlife tour.

Of course, we have already seen a good bit of wildlife today. We went to one of the restaurants for breakfast and got a seat at the window at the very back of the boat. And before long, we were watching whales.

I am pretty sure these were humpbacks, and we got to see their magnificent tales as the crested the water. It was pretty cool. And as I look out of our stateroom door, I see another one.

We are passing through the Frederick Sound now, with Admiralty Island to our left and I think mainland Alaska on our right, and the mountains are spectacular. We saw a pair of mountains side by side that came down to the water’s edge and it almost looked like one was the shadow of the other.

I can’t wait to get ashore and see the sights. Not a bad way to celebrate eight wonderful years.


Donna said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like fun.

Bfiles said...

happy anniversary! what a great way to celebrate, enjoy.

TulipGirl said...

My ILs dream was a 40th anniversary cruise in Alaska with all the family. . . it didn't happen this year, but I'm hoping for 45th. . . sounds amazing!