Tuesday, January 03, 2012

This is Why Making New year's Resolutions is a Bad Idea

I saw someone call New Year's Resolutions a "To Do List for the first week of the New Year."

No kidding.

I made a New Year's resolution years ago not to make any more New year's resolutions and I kept it, except for a little fudging last year. But I called them "goals" instead of resolutions.

Want to know the only thing dumber than me making New Year's Resolutions/Goals? Putting them in a place (like my blog) where I can easily find them a year later.

Dumb. Really dumb.

And those "goals?" EPIC FAIL.

Of the five goals, I only accomplished one. On really a half if you count that I said my secret goal was to get a 3+/3+ instead of a 3/3, which was my actual goal. but I'll take the one.

As for the others:

* Getting back into running: FAIL (unless thinking about it counts)

* Decluttering Before the Move: FAIL (I did take some stuff to Goodwill, but not enough. And mostly I procrastinated, figuring we can declutter all the stuff from storage when we retire!

* Finishing my dissertation: EPIC FAIL. At this point, it seems I am unlikely to finish, a realization that makes me sad but I think is for the best, at least for now. I have a good job, with good prospects, good pay and good security. A job most people would love to have. My degree won't change that for better or worse. But I still hope to finish it one day, maybe when I retire.

* And finally, settling my grandmother's estate: FAIL. Though really that was always mostly out of my hands. If I had the money to pay off her few debts, I could. But it would mean transferring into my name property that has a HUGE balloon payment coming due in July. And that is definitely something I can not afford, either in terms of the amount of the payment or the hit to my credit for not paying it were it in my name. So realistically, unless that sells, closing the estate is out of my hands.

So yeah, mostly a fail on the goals thing. Which is why making New Year's Resolutions is a bad idea.

My one and only goal for 2012? Enjoy life. Hopefully I can report back next year that I succeeded on that one.

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