Thursday, June 23, 2011

Reservations with reservations

So I have my reservations for a flight into Estonia...but I don't have the ticket yet.

Here's why.

As far as I knew, Scandinavian Airlines was the only airline flying to Tallinn that allowed birds. So I go to the travel office and tell them this is they flight I need.


Of course there is.

Scandinavian has no government fare. The flight they recommend is United via Amsterdam. It costs about $1600 less. $1600 the government *might* want me to cover.

Sigh...that is less than using a pet shipping company...

Anyway, I had them make the reservations but not buy the ticket while I went to check with United on their bird policy.

According to the website, she can fly in cabin. Big means only having to have Cayenne in cargo for the Amsterdam to Tallinn leg of the trip.

But first I should verify that with a human being...because you know how these things go, right.

So maybe by tomorrow, I will have paid tickets. And just hope nothing changes.

Seriously...she is a bird...maybe I should just make her fly there on her own!

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Erin G said...

ok I worked in the airline industry for years, til I started doing that annoying thing where you get kocked up and pop out lots of babies and become a housewife. (Just kidding. I like my life. And lots of days secretly miss my old one too.)


Thoughts on this? I haz 'em.

1.) United and SAS are airline partners in the star alliance. It's very likely you can get something called a code-share flight with a United flight number (read: government fare) operating on a Scandinavian Air plane. Meaning you get to follow their pet policies instead of UA's. As of a few years ago, there was definitely an SAS flight with a UA flight number operating from Dulles to Copenhagen, every day, with connections to Talinn. Ask about it, it can't hurt.

2.) If you do have to go through Amsterdam, and it's a through ticket, it will be very difficult to un-check any "luggage" (including pets traveling the first leg in cargo) and carry them on board with you for the connecting flight. You'd either need to reserve/ticket that leg separately (which will affect the rest of your luggage allowance; don't do it), or book a stopover in AMS (usually allowed for $50 or less, plus the cost of a hotel) where you will disembark for at least 24 hours. Your luggage ALLOWANCE will remain the same -- it's still a through ticket -- but you have the benefit of collecting your belongings (including pets and cargo) and then re-checking them when you go back for the "connection" -- and then, keeping the bird with you is much more logistically simple.

These are my thoughts. You might know rule-bendy people in your industry who have other info, but on the chance that any of this is helpful, I thought I'd share. Happy planning!!