Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Cautiously Optimistic

This week has started off great and continues to hold good promise.

Last night, my wife and I had dinner with a bunch of friends from our time in Azerbaijan. I continue to believe that one of the things that keeps me in the service even when times are hard is the wonderful people you become friends with. And I love getting together with them back in the states, especially when it involves smashing crabbies (yay Quarterdeck!). And tonight, we are having sushi with another FS friend, this one from Jerusalem.

Also this week, I have managed to schedule my packouts (though I have already decided to reschedule the UAB one now that I have additional info). I scheduled it yesterday and heard from the moving company today. I expect to go this week and schedule my flight.

Tomorrow, we are having an Estonian happy hour and will get to see our other Estonian teacher for the first time in a while. I really like her and have missed having her in class, but alas, budget being what it is, FSI didn't have money for her right now. Hopefully they will bring her back in the fall...she is very good. We have been extremely fortunate to have two exceptional teachers (and since we only had two, we also are fortunate to have no bad teachers...not the case for some other languages!).

Thursday, I know area studies will be good because my wife is coming! And I know she knows a lot! Plus I just like getting to spend an afternoon with her...I married her because I like spending time with her! Then Thursday night, we are going to a performance of "Purge" that is sponsored by the Estonian Embassy.

And now for the cautiously optimistic part...I got an email, the contents I won't divulge right now, but suffice it to say that it has given me a bit of hope on an subject that has been troubling me. I'll tell you more later. I promise.

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Nomads By Nature said...

Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!