Saturday, March 13, 2010

Come On Over!

So I have heard in the last couple days that several from our blogging community will be starting A-100!

Two Crabs (who really knows how to flatter a blogger by quoting her AND calling her blog the best FS blog on the internet [and my apologies to those like DiploPundit, who are WAY better than me!]) and Chronicles of a Foreign Service Life will be starting A-100 on the 29th of this month (along with a friend from my A-100 who left the Service and is coming back!). Herding Cats, as well as Livingroom Friends, will be in the May A-100.

I will be moving their blogs to the blogroll for those already in the Foreign Service soon!

ON EDIT: Looks like From the Back of Beyond will be joining the May 10 class as well!


Anonymous said...

I'm actually starting in May, not March. But thanks for the shout out!


Digger said...

I fixed it!

Eph-Oh said...

Yeah! I cannot wait to meet everyone, at FSI and beyond!

e said...

we'll be there the first week in May, staying in Capitol Hill. can't wait to meet all of these people I've been reading so much about.