Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Read This

I hesistate to write this post.

Most FS blogs are interesting (well, at least to those of us in or wanting to join the Foreign Service...), but few are Laugh Out Loud funny.

And when I find one and I call attention to it, inevitably, they stop writing regularly (I am looking at you, L, from Four Globetrotters! Write some more, dammit! And I have basically given up on M over at Facts are Strictly Optional...nine months without a new post).

So I admit that I am nervous about pointing you in the direction of Wild Thoughts From Wild Places. her writing reminds me a lot of The Bloggess (who is not Foreign Service but if you aren't reading her, you should be!).

Kate is a newly minted EFM heading with her husband, Mr. Kate, to Togo. And she is funny. I want to be her friend. I married my wife for her ability to keep me entertained, so I clearly place a high premium on funny. Though I don't value funny enough to bid on Togo to serve with her and Mr. Kate. That would be stalkerish. And it would be in Togo, which is not Estonia (where the temperature is currently a lovely 63 degrees...all you people in the states (you know who you are) who mocked me this winter for the brutal cold? I am sitting in my office with the window open and the sun and a cool breeze streaming in thinking that you can suck it!).

But seriously, how do you not laugh at someone who screams "We are vegetarians in the middle of a national park! Why the hell would we have meat tenderizer?!"

Go read her.

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Kate said...

Oh man, you know your day's gonna be good when it starts with a shout out from Digger! :) That was really awesome, thank you!! Now I have to think of some more things to write about!

PS. It totally wouldn't be stalkery if you came to Togo. We could be besties. You like wine?