Wednesday, March 07, 2012

They Pay Me To Do This

One of the things we do as representatives of the United States overseas is to support American businesses and ways in which they can cooperate with the host government.

Yesterday, this meant helping organize an event where General Dynamics could show off its Piranha III, an armored personnel carrier it thinks could be of use to the Estonian military.

The idea behind the event, which was attended by high level Estonians as well as interested defense folks from other countries, as to let them get really hands on with the vehicle, including getting to take rides in it.

Which of course, also meant the rest of us got rides in it. In the snow.

It was very cool.

I was the one yelling, "Run over the snow bank! Run over the trees! Run over those people!"**

**No people, trees, nor snow banks were harmed during the making of this event nor the writing of this blog post.


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There have been very, very few occasions on which I have wished I were the officer, as opposed to my husband. One of them was when he got to ride in a Blackhawk. I think a tank might even be better than that!