Thursday, March 08, 2012


That is not a typo.

It is Estonian for strike. As in a work strike. Which is what they are having today.

Roughly a third of the country's teachers are striking demanding a pay increase. They currently make less than the average Estonian salary and want a 20% pay hike to bring them to that average.

In support of the teachers, the public transits are also striking. At least they say they are. So we were warned of no buses or trams to get to work this morning and horrific traffic.

I didn't notice much traffic, but to be fair, I take side streets to work. And not ones that lead anywhere most people need to go.

I also noticed buses and trams running. They tell me that a few are running, but with no schedules. So people who want to use them just have to wait at the stops in the cold and hope one comes by. Which would kind of suck...

But in all, the strike has seemed pretty orderly to me.

Which isn't surprising. This is a pretty orderly place (one of the many things I love about it).

In other news, Happy Women's Day! I arrived to work to find three lovely tulips on my desk. It was a pleasant surprise. My staff is pretty awesome!

I also bought flowers for the women in my section (after I got to work and remembered it was Women's Day, because I kind of suck).

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