Saturday, February 25, 2012

Something Else I Love About Post...

When you come back after a trip and people say "Welcome back!," it doesn't feel like a curse.

You might have noticed I didn't post much last week, and that when I did, it was in white (don't go look now, I already fixed it!). That is because it is really hard to blog with an ipad and I didn't take my laptop with me to Greece.

Yep, I was soaking up the sun in Greece (the folks there are convinced that it is FREEZING there, but the temperature was a good 30-40 degrees warmer than it is here, so it felt awesome to me!

We met up with a friend from Jerusalem (who is now serving in Athens) at the Athens airport and headed straight to Chania, Crete. OMG the water there is the most beautiful blue! We stayed at the Casa Defino, which I highly recommend! They kindly upgraded us to the penthouse suite, so we had a private balcony with a nice view of the water.

We spent the weekend there, eating at little restaurants around Chania and wandering around the Old City.

Our friend opted to get the fishies to eat her feet, a "spa treatment" that is apparently all the rage there. I opted to watch and take pictures.

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