Monday, February 20, 2012

How does post make me happy? Let me count the ways!

I am unbelievably lucky.

Jill over at The Perlman Update asked us each to talk about what we liked about our CURRENT post for this week's FS Blog Roundup.

There have been times when I would have been hard pressed to come up with ANYTHING I liked about my post.

And perhaps I am, six months in, still in the honeymoon phase in Tallinn. But I love pretty much everything about post.

* I love my job. I get to do interesting work every day. And I have a great Ambassador who seems to trust my judgement. And who is great with the media. And who is just genuinely nice. You can't underestimate the importance of a good boss.

* I love that I have a fantastic team. No exaggeration, they are all rock stars. And my other coworkers are a great group of folks. While I have my favorites, there is not a single person I dislike. Definitely not the case in the past!

* I love much interesting to do, places to go, restaurants to eat featuring life with my wife! I love how walkable the city is. I love that I get to use my language. I love that Estonians, who everyone said were cold and too reserved, are actually warm and friendly, especially if you have studied their language. And I love that they are E-stonia!

* And I love that I am finally getting to live in and travel Europe. I remembered as I travelled through Munich the other day that the leather jacket I was wearing was the one I wore when I visited Germany for the first time nearly 20 years ago (yes, I am cheap). And it was on that trip that I told myself that Europe was a place I could enjoy living. And enjoying it I am...this weekend I enjoyed it on the island of Crete!


Jill said...

A post? For me? Seriously - of ALL the people out there, YOU are the LAST person who needed to write a specific post here. Because anyone who's followed you since you moved to Estonia KNOWS just how much you enjoy your post. And, I would have been able to pretty much copied any of your posts for the next BRU!

Digger said...

I thought I'd make it easy for you!