Tuesday, December 06, 2011


I finally got to go to Saaremaa, the largest of the bazillion Estonian islands, yesterday.

It is a long trip, and not one I would ordinarily recommend as a day trip. We left the embassy at 11 am and were back by about 9 pm. Next time, I think I will stay overnight.

But the visit was a good one...we went to the American Corner there and I gave a talk on Thanksgiving and American Indians. We had a great turnout...maybe 50 or so folks, though I took Noostie and I think she was more popular than I was!

After the talk, we had an Estonian rendition of American Thanksgiving dinner...very tasty! And just in the nick of time...I was starving!

The weather on the trip there and back was a bit bizarre, literally changing every few minutes. We had bright sunshine, drizzle, pouring rain, sleet, fog and eventually snow, all in the space of a few hours.

And speaking of snow, clearly I need to be more specific. When I said the snow would come once I left Tallinn, I meant when I left Tallinn to go to the U.S. But it decided that it would come when I left Tallinn for Saremaa. Not cool Tallinn weather! We had a deal!

It is pretty though.

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