Monday, December 26, 2011

No Tigers Here, Just Packouts and Holidays

First, I want to wish you all the happiness of the holidays, whichever holiday you celebrate. And general happiness if you don't celebrate at all.

Second, yes, I have been gone a while. But no worries...I haven't gone dark or even been reprimanded. It is just...well...have you ever tried to blog via ipad?

I have, a while back, and it was a pain.

So when I went to the states last week and only took my ipad with me, I knew I wouldn't be blogging. I should have told you. Sorry about that.

I went to the states last Friday for a whirlwind packout tour.

Yes, that is right, a packout. But not mine. My wife's.

We are all together again!

I arrived on Friday. Saturday we went to her folks for a few hours. Sunday we orgnaized. Monday I packed out the HHE and UAB while she was in class, then moved the two of us and the cats into a hotel. Tuesday I packed out the storage shipment. Wednesday, I spoke to the Estonian class and Thursday I met with new property manager. Plus got a new washer, turned in the cable box and did last minute cleaning of the apartment so we can rent it out.

Friday we got back on a plane for Estonia, arriving here Saturday.

And yesterday was Christmas.

So you can that I wouldn't have been able to blog even if I had taken my computer.

But all's well that ends well, and I am back in Estonia, with my wife and the cats, as well as the dog and the bird. Our whole family got to be together for Christmas.

And that is the happiest ending I can think of.

I hope your Christmas was just as happy.


Z. Marie said...

LOVE the photo of the cats perched atop their respective suitcases.

KristinJessup said...

Yay glad you could all be together for the holidays. I am awaiting pack out and my husband is in Addis Ababa.

Nomads By Nature said...

Glad you are all back and together! Hope you are enjoying the end of the holidays and having a great time exploring your new post together! Best feeling ever, isn't it!!

Digger said...

I sympathize DN...counting this last four months, we have spent a total of almost three years apart for the service. I suppose there are some who like time away from their spouses, but I am just not one of them.