Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hullud Päevad

I always worry that when I don't post for a few days, people will worry that the Tigers have gotten me and I have gone dark.

No tigers in my life so far (knock wood), though apparently, there are some ghosts least at my local supermarket/department store.

So no, I haven't gone dark...but like Stockmann, I have been having hullud päevad, or Crazy Days.

I have spent the last week in Brussels for a conference. And I am wiped out (and a little sick...nothing like being locked in a conference room with coughing people for five days to give you the crud.

So I will post about my hullud päevad in a bit...probably tonight...after I take a nap.

There will even be pictures, I promise (though not great was challenging to get time away from the conference to see anything!

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