Monday, August 17, 2009

Climate refugees?

We have protestors again. I can see these folks from my window. Actually, as I have mentioned earlier, I can see most protests at the State Department from my window. They deliberately pick this entrance because of its high visibility and proximity to the door the journalists go in.

Many of the protests are, shall we say, unclear. So we were all curious about "climate refugees." According to their website, this is what is going on:

"This Monday morning, the Avaaz Climate Action Factory, in solidarity with climate refugees across the world, will erect a refugee camp right in front of the US State Department in Washington DC. We will brave the 95 degree heat to demand that Clinton include language recognizing and protecting climate refugees in the negotiating text. We’re going to be there all day, and all night and…"

Some days my window is far more entertaining than TV.

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