Saturday, October 21, 2006

Indian Ringnecks

I guess it shouldn't surprise me that as my job got more interesting, I had less time to say anything here. At any rate, I have just finished my first two weeks in the political section and I am having a blast. The work is interesting and engaging. Plus, I just love the garden as Post 1. The flowers are just beautiful (and we all agree that the gardener seems like the happiest guy on the planet. He seldom talks unless spoken to, but he just seems so content. We call him the zen gardener). Plus, we have two pairs of Indian ringneck parrots that live in one of the trees in the garden. I like to sit out there and watch them play. I keep trying to get a good shot of them. The one below will have to do until I get a better one. Apparently the birds, who seem to have invaded, are considered "public enemy number 1" to Israeli farmers, but I really like them.

So in general, I am pretty content lately except for the time change (Israel and the West Bank "fall back" at the beginning of October, so until I think the 29th, there are only 6 hours difference between here and the east coast as opposed to the usual 7). Anyway, with the time change, it is dark when I get home. And I end up going to bed early because it has been dark for so long. Of course, that doesn't mean I get up early!

Fall is finally settling in here, complete with a little rain, and like last year, the cooler weather makes me homesick. Maybe I have even said that already. I have certainly thought it. There is no change of leaves here, and I miss all the color. The rainy season starts in the fall here(there is NO rain from about March or April until October), so before long, it will be pretty dreary here. But right now, it is mostly sunny and cool and crist. Fair weather. Man, I miss the fair. (You two who are taunting me about the fair, and you know who you are, are just hateful!)

Indian ringneck in the garden

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