Friday, October 06, 2006

Good News and Bad News

The Good News is that it is looking really positive for me to get offers from both of my top two job choices in DC, the Op Center and INR Watch. The bad news is that I may not find out until November 17. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

But the really bad news is that my Ipod shuffle died. I looked online and apparently lots of people had their ipodlettes die after downloading the latest software updates. So I am profoundly annoyed. And what's worse is that it has a one-year warranty, and I got it for Christmas. But they list the purchase date as March 2005. Now I KNOW M doesn't buy Christmas presents that early. In fact, I got her an Ipod for her birthday in May 2005 and she got mine for me after that because I coveted hers. But we have to find the receipt to prove it so that it will be covered. And in the meantime, no portable music. We even have the tape-deck do-hickey to use it in the car. Granted, I don't use it at work since I moved to political because you can't take electronic devices into the office (unlike in consular, where nothing was classified so it didn't matter). But still. Really annoying!

So a word of warning if you have a shuffle...don't download the new software unless you want to buy a new Ipod. And if you don't have an Ipod yet (all two of you), get the regular one instead of the shuffle (they apparently break, but not as often) or get a different MP3 player altogether.

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