Friday, September 29, 2006

Ramadan Kareem

Last night I went to my first Iftar. Observant Muslims are currently celebrating the Holy month of Ramadan, which marks then the Prophet Mohammed received the Koran. During the month, they fast from sunup to sundown, and then eat a huge meal as soon as the sun has set.

Just let me say that I now know why no one loses weight during Ramadan. OMG. There was so much food! And all of it was good. Course after course. I, of couse, having not fasted, ate until I was miserable and still didn't make a dent compared with the folks we were eating with.

The dinner was hosted by the political section and therefore was my first official even as a political officer. It was pretty is nice to be treated like a diplomat instead of like a bureaucrat (which is how consular officers are often treated).

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