Monday, July 06, 2009

Still Waiting

So the memo is out. People are registering their domestic partners. Everything was to be in place for the start of the pay period beginning July 5.

I am still waiting.

We got our affidavits in on time. And we were even registered as a tandem for a day. Then our assignment techs came back and said they had to take that designation away until they got "more guidance." They said they wanted to make sure we weren't folded into each other's orders because since we are both officers, we each have our own orders.

So they listed us as domestic partners, pending "guidance."

The problem is they already have the guidance. They were told this should be done.

The bigger problem is that listing us as domestic partners rather than as a tandem is EXACTLY what would cause us to be folded into each other's orders.

Bureaucracy's can be frustrating.


Anonymous said...

hello- I have been considering a career as an FSO, but as a gay man with a partner who lives in South America [my partner has not been able to obtain a visa yet], how would the foreign service handle our relationship? Do you know of any FSOs in a similar situation?
Thanks for the interesting and informative blog!

Digger said...

There are LOTS of FSOs in that situation. Much like our heterosexual colleagues, lots of LGBT FSOs end up falling in love while overseas. The situation for them isn't great, but Secretary Clinton has pledged to work on it. Foreign-born partners can now be listed as the employees domestic partner and can get some assistance with visas. But there are no guarantees...they are working both with foreign governments and with DHS here on visa issues for partners.