Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jerusalem Pride

I was in Jerusalem for one of their Pride parades. I didn't participate, not because I am closeted (obviously I am not), but because it was unsafe. But even though the ultra orthodox threw feces on the marchers and one person was stabbed, in ways, Israel is ahead of us on gay rights. Gay marriages from a broad are recognized by the state (there are no secular marriages performed in Israel so all secular marriages from abroad are recognized). And the below was included in the article on Jerusalem Pride.

Jerusalem Gays Hold Eighth Pride Parade Despite Ongoing Controversy


Although lagging behind such countries as Canada or Holland, Israel is seen as one of the most advanced nations when it comes to gay rights. Soldiers are allowed to be openly gay in the military, and while same-sex couples cannot get married in Israel, their marriages, when conducted abroad, are recognized as legal upon return to the country. Gay partners of diplomats are accorded the same rights and benefits as heterosexual diplomatic spouses. [...]

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