Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Clinton Nomination Vote Delayed

From the Washington Post:

Hill Transition

Clinton Nomination Vote Delayed

By Glenn Kessler
The Senate delayed a vote on Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's nomination to become secretary of state after a Republican lawmaker objected to a planned voice vote today.

Clinton, whose nomination was approved last week by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee by a vote of 16-1, had hoped to immediately begin her job today after a voice vote. But a single senator can block such a vote, and Sen. John Cornyn of Texas said he would insist on "a full and open debate" on what he considered potential conflicts of interests caused by the fundraising practices of the foundation run by former president Bill Clinton.

The former president has agreed to disclose his overseas donors but some Republicans have urged the New York senator to amend the agreement to provide even greater and more timely disclosure.

The Senate will likely hold a roll call vote on Clinton's nomination early on Wednesday.

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