Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 Musings

Since I am spending the last few hours of 2007 at work, and practically no one else is, I thought I would set down a few thoughts on the past year and a few hopes for the new one.

I am thankful that this past year brought M and I, and our pets, safely back to the states after two years in Jerusalem, and thankful that we both ended up in positions in the department that we like. I am pleased too that I am the leading candidate for a good position next year, and I will be working with some folks I really like. I'm also glad that neither M nor I is heading to Iraq this coming year. I am glad too to have been a small part in the publicity surrounding Ambassador Guest's resignation and the subsequent push for equal rights for gays and lesbians in the foreign service. The battle is not over.

And I am more thankful than I can express that my grandmother's MRI was clear and that she remains cancer-free.

I am hopeful about the coming year. My biggest goal for the year (dare I say it, my NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION) is to FINISH MY DISSERTATION! I don't know if finishing it will lead me back into archaeology, but it will certainly give me more options. Plus, finishing is just a matter of personal pride for me. I want this year to be the year.

My biggest hope for the coming year is health and happiness for my family and friends. And my biggest prayer is for peace.

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